Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yard Sales!!

Who doesn't love a good yard sale? Come on! The thrill of the hunt! The joy of the find! Not to mention--saving $$$! This weekend was my first official yard sale weekend of the yard sale season. (At our house there are two Saturday morning seasons: Yard sale and basketball. From April thru October I get Saturday mornings for yard sales. From November thru March, Nate gets Saturday mornings for BBall. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?)

Okay, here are some of my great finds this weekend:

These two chairs: $3! Not each, but all together! Check out the details! Aren't they so cute? Don't they have great potential?! Yes, they need work, but they are going to look soooo good when I'm done with them!

This nightstand was $10. I thought I'd put it in my daughters room, but she decided she didn't like it. If I can't think of somewhere else for it, then I'll sell it on KSL. I'm sure I can make a profit.

This POTTERY BARN medicine cabinet. New from Pottery barn it is $249! Yes, $249! My cost? $8!!! My sister in law spotted it and suggested I hang it in my office. It has great shelves inside and could hold paint, ribbon, etc.

Here's another item I bought with my daughter in mind. I thought it would be soooo cute once painted. She has now decided that maybe she doesn't want a new dresser after all. Her other one is really cute and matches her room, but is a bit on the small side. I was going to give her this and use the smaller one for baby Leah. I'm sure I can sell it on KSL also.

This photo doesn't do this shelf justice, but it is EXACTLY what I had been envisioning for my office redo. It is 4 feet long and three inches high. It's perfect! The price: $2!

EDIT: I just discovered that this is a Pottery Barn shelf that costs $75 new!!

This is another item that is EXACTLY what I had been hoping to find. It is a wooden (aka paintable), small filing cabinet for my office. I wanted a two drawer filing cabinet to replace my montrous, ugly, metal one. Since it's wooden I can paint it and make it really cute! $10

Other great finds: a 50 cent purse (in *turquoise*) to replace my $3 yard sale purse from two years ago that's about had it. Lots of clothes for little Leah, and for Eliza. A wheelbarrow for my hubby. And one that I can't name just in case my daughter sees this, but I paid $20 for a practically new item (brand name: Brother, hint, hint) that would cost me $75 right now on Amazon, and $50-ish if I bought it the day after Thanksgiving.

And yes, I am also painting my office/craft room today. I am posting this between coats, so I need to go put on one more coat and get the room put back together. Pictures will be coming soon!

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