Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Craft Room/Office Redo: Phases 1 & 2

The last room in the house that has never had any "fix-ups" is the craft room/office. It is down in the basement and there is no window so this room often feels like a dungeon. It's been very disorganized and it's basically a place where things get piled up instead of put away. Half the stuff didn't have a place to be put away! I've hated going in there because I couldn't stand the mess and because I didn't want to be in the "dungeon". Besides the mess, the other major problem is the lighting. As I said before, there's no window, but the lighting is awful too. Not to mention the duct that hangs down which goes across the middle of the ceiling. This duct work causes lots of shadowing.

So, first things first. I needed to declutter, organize and contain the mess. (Not to mention throw away much of it). Here are some before and after photos of my decluttering job. Oh, and I also rearranged a bit. It's hard to tell how good the "after" feels when I'm in the room from just looking at the photos.

Phase two: We spent Friday evening painting the ceiling. They were a dingy-whitish color. I need to do whatever I can to brighten up this room, so we gave it a coat of bright white. While we were at it, we quickly painted the laundry room ceiling as well. Here's my husband, hard at work. Thanks, Nate!

On Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday I spent much of my time painting the doors and the trim in the room. Bright white again. That's FIVE doors, count them! I'm really excited to paint the walls (you can see where I've been testing different samples). But the lighting is so bad that I don't dare choose a paint color until it's improved. This weekend (hopefully) we will be attempting to install either recessed lighting or track lighting. Something that will give a lot more light to this cave of a room. So stay tuned for phase 3!

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