Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy happenings

Okay, so I know I've been kinda quiet this week. But it's not because I haven't been busy! Here are a few things I've been working on:

A frame for the bulletin board in my mudroom. We were going to make one but I found this one at Savers for $10 and it was almost the perfect size, plus it saves us all the work of making one. I'm going to try glazing it. (A technique I found on this blog).

I finished painting my office last Saturday, but before I moved everything back in, I decided I hated how my bookcases looked. (Look here to be reminded how bad they looked). I thought about buying new ones, but then decided that I could just fix these guys up, following the instructions from this blog.

My sister in law, Angie, told me that I couldn't paint everything turquoise. I know she's right, but I just LOVE that color! So I thought I'd be bold and try a different color that wasn't "safe" on my filing cabinet. We'll see if I keep it.

I began to strip this chair. Getting all the old paint out of the crevices of the flower details is alot of work!

Here you can see my paint color in my office (thanks to Shelley from this blog for the paint name, and my pile of books waiting for the bookcases.

My $249 pottery barn medicine cabinet (that cost me $8!!) sans door received a fresh coat of paint. It is going to be hung on the wall, and I'm going to be putting that thread holder in at least the bottom section.

Hopefully soon I will have my completed office to show you, along with my many other projects (that list just keeps growing, while the time just keeps shrinking, darn it!)


  1. You are amazing!! I can't beleive all you do in your last trimester. I would've had a baby by now for sure if I did what you do pregnant!! Okay, I am so proud you for the green filing cabinet. LOVE it. I think it would look good glazed too. And although I also love turqiouse... it's true we cant paint everything that color. I am worried about what advise I give you... it may end up here for all to see and hear. I am loving the look and feel of your blog. So classy and turquoise!! You are darling and I am loving all your changes. But one small request... TAKE IT EASY!! Gotta keep that little one cookin'. Can't wait to see and hold her though.


  2. Super cute projects in the works. :) You are going to get addicted to glazing things...I have to do it on practically everything. Can't wait to see your completed office!!!

  3. I am dying to see the book shleves finished and the green paint glazed....

  4. I'd like some pointers on refinishing furniture. What stripper do you use? How do you get all the paint out of the tiny cracks on details like on those chairs? Do you use paintbrushes for your paint or spray? Is there a particular kind of paint you use?

    I'm hoping to redo a dresser in the next few months, but I've never done this before. Also, for your particle board bookshelves, you didn't sand first, did you? Just spray painted?

  5. The stripper was Klean-Strip Stripper. I got it at Walmart. It worked pretty good, but yesterday I sanded down the other chair and I think that may actually be easier. Getting the gunk out of the details wasn't easy. I thought that maybe a toothbrush would've been easier. I was just using a small putty knife. I've been using Kilz spray primer for the chairs and filing cabinet. But I used Zinsser oil based on the bookshelves since they are laminate/particle board. However, not all laminate is created equal. The black bookshelf scratches much easier than the brown one. It would've been better to sand it first, but I didn't. I didn't end up spray painting the bookshelves. I brushed on the primer and started to spray paint, but I decided to just use my foam roller and semi-gloss white paint.
    Here are some blogs that give good advice on this:, and