Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I've been working on...

I've been hard at work, but I don't want to reveal everything I've done until it's all done! I've been painting my laundry room, and I've been putting the finishing touches up in Skyler's and Eliza's rooms. (I painted Skyler's room last month, but it's taking me forever to get everything put together).
But here are some gems that I can and will show off. I found this mirror at a yard sale last summer. I got it for $5!! Isn't it gorgeous? Yes, yard sale-ing is my favorite hobby. However, I wanted to change the color for putting it in Sarah's room. Nate about died when I told him I was going to spray paint this. He was completely against it. And to be completely honest, I wasn't totally sure because I did like it as it was.

But here's how it looks in turqoise. Not bad, if I do say so myself:

I LOVE it! I am really glad I went ahead with adding the color. Sarah's room is in the basement and doesn't have good lighting. Her room needed brightening, so last year I made her the brightly colored quilt you can see on her bed. The mirror just adds to her room. It's not in it's permanent spot, but I will get to that later.
Next, this embroidery is one that hung in my parent's home while I was growing up. My mom gave it to me (thanks mom) when I was pregnant with my first child. And it's been in my nursery ever since. But the best part? The title of this poem is "Song for a Fifth Child". Guess who is my mom's fifth child? That's right, you guessed it, ME! And guess who's now expecting her fifth child? That's right, me again! I'll definitely have to pass this along to Leah (yes, that's her name) when she's a mom.
BUT, I had it in the ugliest frame ever! So I've reframed it and it will be hung back up in the nursery once again.
Stay tuned, I hope to have my laundry room done before too long...


  1. Loving your new blog! GREAT choice on repainting the mirror...so cute! Keep up the AMAZING work! You inspire me to get my butt in gear and do something creative...but what?

  2. Cute mirror! I have a mirror I've been wanting to spray paint for a while, what color did you use?

  3. The paint color is Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze. I love this color, but I prefer Rustoleum brand paint.

  4. I have to say that quilt in the background is so beautiful. I used similar fabrics in my daughter's room. They are so vivid and lovely.