Monday, March 28, 2011

The Laundry Room Reveal-finally!

Yeah! My laundry room is finally done (I think)! I have to say up front that I got a ton of inspiration from Centsational Girl and from House of Smiths. Thank you very much! Okay, drumroll, please....

Here it is in all it's glory! Now how about some before shots:

I know this room looks really terrible, but let me say that it's actually a bit better than it normally had been here because I'd already started to do some de-cluttering before I remembered to take my "before" shots. Hard to imagine it being much worse, I know!

Don't you just LOVE the periwinkle color? I've lived with that for four years now and believe me, I'm ready for a change!

There are (were) only two rooms in my house that we had never painted at this point. The laundry room and my downstairs office (next project). Every other room has been painted at least once, some even twice! Now, it's my turn to make the rooms I spend a lot of time in more enjoyable to be in there.

Old valance (just wait until you see the new!)

I HATE flourescent lighting, don't you? This has GOT to go!

Goodbye periwinkle, hello....sprig? Ummm, maybe not. Thankfully, those Kwal-Howells people were able to convert the sprig into something a bit nicer--florence roof--at no extra charge. And especially thanks to my hubby, Nate, for being the runner to get that paint changed.

Yeah for florence roof! (Keep in mind, this is a working laundry room people. That is actual laundry hanging up). And here's what the other side of the room looks like now:

And behind the door:

How about some close-ups:

In this picture, you can see that we raised the cabinets up several inches and put in a shelf. Thanks (again) to my friend Julie for all of the vinyl.

This sign just might be my favorite thing in the room. But there're so many cute things that it's really hard to decide.

Baskets, vase and flowers from Roberts craft. Also that is scrapbooking paper behind the shelf. I tried sticking it on with double-sided tape, but it wouldn't hold. I ended up using a spray adhesive.

Chandelier from Ikea (just $40). I love it, but I'm not sure it's staying. I may end up putting it in Sarah's room.

Magnet board also from Roberts. Then I added the pretty wood piece from Home Depot. I spray painted it white, but antiqued it with stain. Then I covered the metal with more scrapbooking paper. I love having pictures of my favorite people decorating the wall.

Got the idea for this ironing board holder from House of Smiths.

This was a really fun project! We recently bought a bigger kitchen table to fit our growing family and our old table was just sitting around waiting for me to sell it. I was trying to decided what to do under the window here--whether or not I was going to put in counter or some other type of shelf when I remembered the table! It turned out to be the perfect length for the space. Nate took it over to our neighbor's and cut it in half, lengthwise, on his table saw. He attached it to the wall on the backside with some brackets. Brilliant, isn't it?! (And didn't cost a penny!)

This is my new laundry soap dispenser. I recently decided to try this recipe for homemade laundry detergent. I'm really liking it. And it's super-de-dooper cheap to make. Were talking cents here, people. The dispenser came from Walmart for like $6. (On a side note, and not to disgust you, but Sarah [my 8-year-old] asked me why we were keeping a container of throw up in the laundry room).

New valance! I made an identical one for the mud room as well. I LOVE this fabric. It's Heather Bailey's Turqoise Wallpaper Roses. I'm going to be making a diaper bag out of it pretty soon. :)

Okay, and let's just have one final looksee at the before and after of this room. I think it's pretty amazing what I lived with for so long!


  1. This room is darling! I came to your blog via my friend Lori!

  2. Very cute! Where do you get the time and energy to do all this??

  3. I guess the energy comes with the nesting instinct. Time? I just make it I guess. There are plenty of other things I could/should be doing!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Natalie you are so AMAZING! I can't believe all your projects. Smart woman for getting it done before that baby gets here. Loving your blog!

  5. Just wondering if the container you have your homemade laundry detergent gets clogged up or does it come out pretty good the entire time?