Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo by ME!

Last month I was reading House of Smiths. There was a post that totally INSPIRED me! It was all about how she took a Photo by You Workshop, taught by photographer Emilie Decker, to improve her photography. She showed before and after photos and I KNEW I needed to take this workshop. (I had just been pricing newborn baby photo shoots and was blown away by the price). I've had a nice camera for over a year now, but I ALWAYS shoot on auto, so it was time I learned anyhow.

I saw that her next workshop was soldout, so I contacted Emilie to see if she had a waiting list because I was sure I'd have my baby before her next workshop. I was BLOWN AWAY when she offered to do a one on one session with me, at my convenience! Talk about service!

Well, my workshop was this Monday and I feel like I learned so much! I now have the confidence that I can shoot in manual mode most of the time and have better photos. I also feel like I can now look at the lighting in any situation and know better how to use it.

I have been having fun experimenting and with taking photos and editing (using Photoshop Elements). Here are a few of them.

This is one that I took using the auto setting with the flash on. It's an example of my before photos. Not a bad photo, but the lighting is a bit harsh.

This photo came straight from the camera, shot with manual mode. (I used a reflector to lighten up the shadows on his left side).

This is the same photo as above, but I edited it a bit, using tips Emilie taught me.

Again, straight from the camera, shot in manual, no editing.

Same photo, but edited just a bit.

This photo was taken in auto mode, full flash.
Let's face it, my camera takes really nice photos no matter the setting.

This photo was taken in auto mode, with NO flash. By the way, NONE of the manual photos used the flash.

Manual mode.

Same photo, some editing.

Okay, so I just had to put these two photos side by side because I think the difference is amazing! It just goes to show that you don't need to use a flash if you know the right settings to use in manual mode.

Manual mode.

Same photo, with editing. I LOVE this boy! I LOVE this smile!

Manual mode.

Same photo, some editing.

Okay these next ones are so FUN! The kids were running through the sprinklers, so I saw my chance to get some candid, action shots. I took this photo in manual mode, right as Eliza was jumping over the sprinkler.

Same photo, some editing. Don't you LOVE the stop action of the water, and of ELiza jumping through it? I LOVE IT!!!
(Thank you Emilie!!)

I'm excited that I will be able to take newborn photos for myself. My sister had a baby on Monday, so tomorrow I'm going to take photos of him to practice. Yay!!

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