Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finishing up a few last things...

Remember these projects? Yes, I have finished them. Let me show you.

Here is the $5 rocking chair. It was so grungy and disgusting. I know it was quite old and I doubt it had ever been cleaned. But now, oh so pretty. I actually would like to add a decorative wood piece to the top center that I can glaze, but because of the curve it would have to be pretty small. I haven't found one yet that would work. In the meantime, I will just keep my afghan thrown over it.

I got the crochet pattern for this afghan from Attic 24, my favorite crocheting blog. If you like crocheting, flowers, beautiful colors, or England, you'll love this blog! By the way, I crocheted this last fall before I started in on the whole nesting thing. At that time I had NO other projects going. I am ambitious, but not quite ambitious enough to make this on top of everything else. :)

Here is Skyler's "parking garage". He just has so many large-sized vehicles, that his closet was a mess. My hubby built this shelf, and I painted it. Now he has the perfect spot to park his big cars.

Now my blue chair. You'll recall I let my sister-in-law have the other one. I LOVE how the color turned out. I LOVE how the detail turned out when glazed. I LOVE the colors of the fabric I chose. I DO NOT love how the cushion itself turned out. (Too thick, too square). I may have a bit of re-doing in my future. For now, though, the cushion stays.

And last, but not least, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this little guy who turned 3-years-old today!! (Oh! How I just love that little face!!) Click here to read what I LOVE about this little guy!

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  1. I have that exact rocking chair! I love how yours turned out - I think I've got a project in my future! And I LOVE the turquoise chair!