Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Month Old

Okay, okay, so I'm about a week late, but what do you expect with a new baby? Here are some photos of Leah at one month. She is sooo precious. Has it really just been one month...and yet has it really already been a whole month? Wow, you wouldn't believe (okay, maybe you would) what we've been through in the last month. We're talking postpartum depression (ouch, that is a hard word to admit to), mastitis, drying out, pumping a ton, all kinds of supplements and medications, carpal tunnel (actually that started months ago), a visit to the lactation specialists, and much more. Why isn't breastfeeding easier?
Well, anyhow, this little darling has made it all worth it! What more can I say?


  1. She's beautiful! I'm sorry her first month hasn't been easy on you, though.

  2. That's a cute idea. Wish I had thought of it before :) I'll have to do it starting at 2 months